Farewell Copenhagen! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Squeezed in between busy travel schedules, school days, end-of-season social activities and packing house, this family made time on a lovely Saturday morning to get together for family photos. What a spirited and beautiful trio of kiddos! They were full of giggles at some of my silly antics and we had a great time... Best of luck on the move to gay Paris Suzanne and Barnaby!2014_ham_046-web 2014_ham_032-2_BW-web 2014_ham_021-web 2014_ham_064-web 2014_ham_136-web 2014_ham_187-web 2014_ham_200_BW-web 2014_ham_203-web 2014_ham_397-web 2014_ham_441-web 2014_ham_454_BW-web 2014_ham_459_BW-web 2014_ham_461-web 2014_ham_498-web 2014_ham_500_BW-web 2014_ham_509-web 2014_ham_519_BW-web 2014_ham_526-web 2014_ham_585-web 2014_ham_602_BW-web 2014_ham_614-web 2014_ham_667-web 2014_ham_668-web 2014_ham_724-web 2014_ham_735_BW-web 2014_ham_745_BW-web 2014_ham_751-web 2014_ham_761_BW-web 2014_ham_777-web

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