Madalina turns 1! : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Pretty much exactly a year ago, I had the great privilege of photographing Madalina as a newborn, and last week I got to go to her first birthday celebration! What a beautiful birthday party on a bright sunny beautiful day. And a rare moment to have 4 generations of women together to blow out the candles! Thanks Flavia and Virgil - I loved being a a part of another special time in your lives!2014_fer_192-web 2014_fer_239-web 2014_fer_099-web 2014_fer_141-web 2014_fer_237-web 2014_fer_003-web 2014_fer_365-web 2014_fer_370-web 2014_fer_474-web blog_fer12014_fer_531-web2014_fer_594-web 2014_fer_369-web blog_fer2 2014_fer_630-web 2014_fer_632-web 2014_fer_056-web 2014_fer_727-web2014_fer_746-web 2014_fer_767-web 2014_fer_771-web