More Canadians in Copenhagen! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

What a pleasure to photograph my fellow Canadians here in Copenhagen! Three sweet little kids - you know it's been a great session when, on the way out, the 2 and a half year old boy comes running after you shouting "You're really nice!!!". I'll take that any day! Thanks Rikki and Matt!2014_mil_054-web 2014_mil_050_BW-web 2014_mil_129-web 2014_mil_140_BW-web 2014_mil_113_BW-web 2014_mil_095-web 2014_mil_380-web 2014_mil_316-web 2014_mil_357-web 2014_mil_328_BW-web 2014_mil_229-web 2014_mil_199-web 2014_mil_460-web 2014_mil_561-web 2014_mil_788-web 2014_mil_430-web 2014_mil_450-web 2014_mil_172-web 2014_mil_293-web 2014_mil_643-web 2014_mil_688-web 2014_mil_621_BW-web 2014_mil_634_BW-web

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