Bubbles and Lolli-pops : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Sweet little Gaia - didn't want much to do with the camera at first, but then the bubbles came out, followed by the biggest, yummiest lolli-pop she'd ever seen, then she was game for some good fun! But best was seeing the bond she had with her Daddy! Thanks Livia and Valerio for a fun afternoon!2014_cic_454-web 2014_cic_458-web 2014_cic_455-web 2014_cic_442-web 2014_cic_376-web 2014_cic_363-web 2014_cic_367-web 2014_cic_194-web 2014_cic_291-web 2014_cic_293-web 2014_cic_220-web 2014_cic_246-web 2014_cic_555-web 2014_cic_558-web 2014_cic_166-web 2014_cic_478-web 2014_cic_176-web 2014_cic_502-web blog_cic1 2014_cic_049-web 2014_cic_045-web 2014_cic_032-web 2014_cic_034-web 2014_cic_027-web 2014_cic_070-web

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