Little girls : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Two sweet little girls in the forest on a sunny Saturday morning! Stinging nettles aside, it was a lovely spot in Copenhagen's 'deer park', and a great place for Orla and Dearbhla (and Eeyore) to spend the morning before a VERY exciting trip to Tivoli to meet Ireland's Eurovision contestant! Hope it was a wonderful day girls! Thanks Lisa and Gerry... see you soon!2014_buc_582-web 2014_buc_592-web 2014_buc_590-web 2014_buc_566-web 2014_buc_533-web 2014_buc_122-web 2014_buc_135-web 2014_buc_129-web 2014_buc_015-web 2014_buc_226-web 2014_buc_204-web 2014_buc_444-web 2014_buc_099-web 2014_buc_095-web 2014_buc_106-web 2014_buc_115-web 2014_buc_140-web 2014_buc_144-web 2014_buc_051-web 2014_buc_181-web blog_buc1 blog_buc2 2014_buc_384-web 2014_buc_337-web 2014_buc_426-web