Fun fun fun : toronto & copenhagen family photography

What a fun morning! A romp on the beach and some vintage Arne Jacobsen lifeguard tower appreciation before heading into the woods. Then some football, knock-knock jokes and a celebration of Star Wars Day atop a tree stump. Great way to start the day for these crazy-fun boys! May the Fourth be with you...blog_moo2 2014_moo_170_BW-web 2014_moo_053_BW-web 2014_moo_014-web 2014_moo_196-web blog_moo1 2014_moo_289-web 2014_moo_296_BW-web 2014_moo_294-web 2014_moo_359-web 2014_moo_397-web 2014_moo_427-web 2014_moo_455-web 2014_moo_457_BW-web 2014_moo_465-web 2014_moo_487-web 2014_moo_506-web 2014_moo_519_BW-web 2014_moo_534-web 2014_moo_598_BW-web 2014_moo_600-web 2014_moo_611_BW-web