Spring is here! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

The beginning of spring coincided with a lovely session with Anya and Ruaridh. It was great fun - just hanging out at home, before a jaunt outside for some fun in the sun. Lovely day - thanks Gary and Nicola for a lovely morning!2014_mci_494-web 2014_mci_444-web 2014_mci_500-web 2014_mci_436-web 2014_mci_514-web 2014_mci_526-web 2014_mci_481-web 2014_mci_462-web 2014_mci_308-web 2014_mci_330-web 2014_mci_361-web 2014_mci_315-web 2014_mci_326-web 2014_mci_243-web 2014_mci_345-web