A February Wedding in Copenhagen : toronto & copenhagen wedding photography

A grey February day was much brightened by the lovely wedding of Sina and Claus north of Copenhagen. A quick ceremony at the Kokkedal Rådhus with close friends and family was followed by a cosy lunch by the seaside at the fishing port in Humlebæk. Champagne was enjoyed, rice was thrown and the bride even shivered for the sake of a few photos on the pier. A lovely and relaxed day! Thanks Sina and Claus for inviting me to be part of your day!2014_and_004-web 2014_and_041-web 2014_and_044_BW-web 2014_and_053-web 2014_and_081_BW-web 2014_and_133-web 2014_and_195_BW-web 2014_and_223-web 2014_and_233_BW-web 2014_and_237_BW-web 2014_and_253_BW-web 2014_and_328-web 2014_and_396_BW-web 2014_and_444_BW-web 2014_and_407-web 2014_and_510-web blog_and3 blog_and2 2014_and_538_BW-web 2014_and_576-web 2014_and_586-web 2014_and_614-web 2014_and_636-web 2014_and_663-web 2014_and_688_BW-web 2014_and_692_BW-web 2014_and_643-web 2014_and_676-web 2014_and_707_BW-web 2014_and_714-web blog_and1 2014_and_783-web 2014_and_789_BW-web 2014_and_807-web 2014_and_812-web 2014_and_840-web 2014_and_841-web