It's a wrap! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

It's a wrap folks! Last sneaky-peek post of 2013... hope you enjoy... and not that life with a one and a half year old is exactly peaceful, but Daniel and Thais I hope you also enjoy some last peaceful days as a family of three before your new arrival makes you a family of four! Best of luck in the new year and I know Tobias will make a wonderful, exciting and excited big brother! Season's greetings everyone!2013_sal_468-web 2013_sal_503-web 2013_sal_514-web 2013_sal_492-web 2013_sal_639-web blog_sal1 2013_sal_720-web 2013_sal_738-web 2013_sal_758-web blog_sal2 blog_sal3 2013_sal_556-web 2013_sal_282-web 2013_sal_293-web 2013_sal_066-web 2013_sal_110-web 2013_sal_043-web 2013_sal_133-web 2013_sal_184-web 2013_sal_207-web 2013_sal_255-web 2013_sal_364-web 2013_sal_802-web 2013_sal_809-web

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