When in Copenhagen... : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Loved capturing a real piece of Copenhagen in this session. We took the grey skies and ran with them, with a bit of indoor playtime (including Lego, of course), a jaunt around the seaside neighbourhood, a bit of tire swinging and a bit of child swinging! Thank you Carolin and Jesper, Amelie and Emil for a fun time together!2013_nie_102-web 2013_nie_060-web 2013_nie_123-web 2013_nie_136-web 2013_nie_170-web 2013_nie_152-web 2013_nie_164-web 2013_nie_038-web 2013_nie_046-web 2013_nie_183-web 2013_nie_190-web 2013_nie_302-web 2013_nie_337-web 2013_nie_224-web 2013_nie_229-web 2013_nie_349-web 2013_nie_357-web 2013_nie_405-web 2013_nie_422-web 2013_nie_430-web 2013_nie_488-web 2013_nie_572-web 2013_nie_608-web 2013_nie_643-web 2013_nie_772-web 2013_nie_797-web 2013_nie_824-web

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