Favourites : toronto & copenhagen family photography

I got to spend the morning a couple of weeks ago with some of my favourite people, in some of my favourite places, doing some of my favourite things - taking pictures and eating pancakes! We started with a photographic tribute to a beloved, albeit now-empty, apartment, doing some favourite activities - Lego and drawing, then headed to Laundromat for brunch before having a good run-around Bopa Plads. Then at the end of our morning, I had to do one of my least favourite things - say goodbye to great friends. Lucky for me, it's a temporary goodbye as they have moved from Copenhagen to... drumroll please.... Toronto! What luck! And cross fingers I'll get to photograph those beautiful kids again one day soon. Thanks Katherine and David for sharing your last day in Copenhagen with me! Miss you! xxx2013_bal_1002-web 2013_bal_976-web 2013_bal_958-web 2013_bal_1053-web 2013_bal_1088-web 2013_bal_1129-web 2013_bal_1230-web 2013_bal_1173-web 2013_bal_1223-web 2013_bal_1239-web 2013_bal_1186-web 2013_bal_1286-web 2013_bal_1334-web 2013_bal_1361-web 2013_bal_1509-web 2013_bal_1500-web 2013_bal_1251-web 2013_bal_1259-web 2013_bal_1263-web 2013_bal_1282-web 2013_bal_1644-web 2013_bal_1614-web 2013_bal_1704-web 2013_bal_1766-web 2013_bal_1855-web 2013_bal_1924-web 2013_bal_1953-web 2013_bal_1977-web 2013_bal_2027-web 2013_bal_1878-web

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