mum and baby : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

Photographing mum and her new baby has really become one of my favourite things to do. When they cuddle, it's always a warm, quite, peaceful moment and I love capturing the connection between them, and the pure contentment. Baby Angus was a star for the camera, for the whole session. He was happy and sleepy and just went with the flow, from the rambunctiousness of 4 year-old brother Archie to the experienced patience of mum and dad. Thanks Jo and Scott for letting me share the morning with your beautiful family.2013_cut_483-web 2013_cut_439-web 2013_cut_463-web 2013_cut_478-web blog_cut1 2013_cut_248-web 2013_cut_318-web 2013_cut_307-web 2013_cut_282-web 2013_cut_532-web 2013_cut_541-web 2013_cut_356-web 2013_cut_380-web 2013_cut_398-web 2013_cut_347-web 2013_cut_068-web 2013_cut_089-web 2013_cut_190-web 2013_cut_131-web 2013_cut_177-web