just another day : toronto & copenhagen lifestyle photography

Just another day at Dylan and Aliya's house! We did puzzles, read books, played Lego, jumped around and just had a whole bunch of fun! Then off to the park for a bit more fun, running around, bubbles, hunting for mushrooms. Great fun in the fall colours of Copenhagen's beautiful city parks! Great to meet you Sarah and Tunc - thanks for letting me be part of your day!2013_dou_028-web 2013_dou_047-web 2013_dou_059-web 2013_dou_062-web 2013_dou_067-web 2013_dou_111-web 2013_dou_129-web 2013_dou_142-web 2013_dou_162-web 2013_dou_185-web 2013_dou_195-web 2013_dou_197-web 2013_dou_200-web 2013_dou_206-web 2013_dou_229-web 2013_dou_241-web 2013_dou_427-web 2013_dou_433-web 2013_dou_437-web 2013_dou_448-web 2013_dou_480-web 2013_dou_519-web 2013_dou_526-web 2013_dou_571-web 2013_dou_620-web 2013_dou_671-web 2013_dou_672-web

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