three : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Three of the greatest kids here on the blog today - truly a pleasure to photograph Josie, Rosalind and Isaac a couple of weeks back! The weather held for us as we explored the fall leaves, and then we headed back for favourite activities at home - books, teddy bears, balloons and toys. A pleasure to spend the morning with you Ali and Ed!2013_wal_190-web 2013_wal_124-web 2013_wal_169-web 2013_wal_160-web 2013_wal_334-web 2013_wal_348-web 2013_wal_323-web 2013_wal_289-web 2013_wal_234-web 2013_wal_228-web 2013_wal_011-web 2013_wal_088-web blog_wal1 2013_wal_540-web 2013_wal_554-web 2013_wal_589-web 2013_wal_603-web 2013_wal_638-web 2013_wal_474-web 2013_wal_503-web

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