Sunshine : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

Phew! After no less than 5 reschedules due mostly to gloomy and rainy weather, I finally made it out with this wonderful family and ... the SUN CAME OUT!!! Totally worth the wait in my humble opinion! Of course the rain came eventually, but not until the last few pics were being snapped... And what a pleasure to photograph these kids, Georgia, Harry and Ned, they were all great and we all had fun. Thanks Ainsley and Steve! Hope you love the results...2013_shi_444-web 2013_shi_438-web 2013_shi_439-web 2013_shi_492_BW-web 2013_shi_505-web 2013_shi_564-web 2013_shi_586_BW-web 2013_shi_608-web 2013_shi_614-web 2013_shi_642-web 2013_shi_647-web 2013_shi_719_BW-web 2013_shi_530-web blog_shi1_BW 2013_shi_872-web 2013_shi_925_BW-web 2013_shi_939-web

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