A beautiful day in Toronto : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Sandwiched by days of rain, my Sunday in Toronto for fall photos was a beautiful day. Not only did I get to see lots of my favourite clients, but the sun shone and the day went smoothly to plan. I was early or at least on-time to all sessions, which, for those of you who know me already know, is an accomplishment for me! Ha! Anyway, I digress. May I present once again the lovely family of Vince and Tanya, starring little Helena and littler (is that a word?) Nathaniel. Both cute and so much alike in their big blue eyes and laughing smiley cheeks, these little ones just had fun for the camera. Here they are... enjoy!2013_gal_453-web 2013_gal_362-web 2013_gal_725-web 2013_gal_547-web 2013_gal_718-web 2013_gal_690-web 2013_gal_705-web 2013_gal_536-web 2013_gal_258-web 2013_gal_249-web 2013_gal_006-web 2013_gal_016-web 2013_gal_219-web 2013_gal_185-web 2013_gal_404-web 2013_gal_315-web 2013_gal_756-web 2013_gal_760-web

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