Calm in a storm : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

It's a blustery night here in Copenhagen - perhaps a bit of an understatement as winds reach hurricane force and social media tells me of multiple trees down and accidents on the road. But I get to sit here all cosy in my warm workspace and feel the calm and warmth of little Eponine's first photo session. The fabulously named Eponine was 12 days old on the day and sweet and perfect and I love looking at the love between her and her mom and dad. Makes me forget the gusts and storms outside... <32013_mit_090_BW-web 2013_mit_047_BW-web 2013_mit_087_BW-web 2013_mit_148_BW-web 2013_mit_154_BW-web 2013_mit_124_BW-web 2013_mit_109_BW-web 2013_mit_039_BW-web 2013_mit_041_BW-web 2013_mit_225_BW-web 2013_mit_329-web 2013_mit_305-web 2013_mit_001-web 2013_mit_266-web 2013_mit_402-web 2013_mit_419-web2013_mit_464_BW-web 2013_mit_470-web