And Jack Makes 6 : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

What a treat to meet Jack last week! Lucky little Jack has three older siblings to show him the way - he's in good hands. Speaking of hands, this little guy is quite fascinated with his own - I've never seen a 7-day old who has already figured out how to suck his thumb! Clever little guy... Congratulations Krista and Geir on your new addition and good luck to your new family of six!2013_esp_207-web 2013_esp_343-web 2013_esp_352-web 2013_esp_363-web 2013_esp_305-web 2013_esp_328-web 2013_esp_015-web 2013_esp_018-web 2013_esp_258-web 2013_esp_266-web 2013_esp_289-web 2013_esp_256-web 2013_esp_246-web 2013_esp_250-web 2013_esp_119-web 2013_esp_100-web