Welcome Victor : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

It was a full house during my visit to meet little Victor! Grandma and Grandpa were there to lend a hand to Mom and Dad in looking after a threesome of adorable little boys. Elliot and Oscar were no doubt enjoying the excitement of having a three week old brother. Victor was a very content and easygoing little guy - it was a pleasure to meet him Rachel and Andrew! Thanks for letting me visit your newly expanded family.2013_zaj_341-web blog_zaj1 2013_zaj_133-web 2013_zaj_149-web 2013_zaj_184-web 2013_zaj_236-web 2013_zaj_265-web 2013_zaj_239-web 2013_zaj_586-web 2013_zaj_608-web 2013_zaj_548-web 2013_zaj_720-web

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