Little girls : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Jumping, swinging, sliding, playing with balloons, running, dancing, giggling, snacking, reading in bed, hugging teddy bears (and just a teeny tiny bit of crying!) - great and fun session with two little girls! Lilli and Lucy at home and having fun! Thanks Claire and Damian - it was a pleasure to photograph you and your family!2013_moo-dev_915-web 2013_moo-dev_924-web 2013_moo-dev_945-web 2013_moo-dev_976-web 2013_moo-dev_981-web blog_dev3 2013_moo-dev_891-web 2013_moo-dev_898-web 2013_moo-dev_1029-web blog_dev2 blog_dev1 2013_moo-dev_549-web 2013_moo-dev_663-web 2013_moo-dev_678-web 2013_moo-dev_515-web 2013_moo-dev_821-web 2013_moo-dev_533-web 2013_moo-dev_726-web 2013_moo-dev_468-web 2013_moo-dev_787-web 2013_moo-dev_022-web 2013_moo-dev_080-web 2013_moo-dev_145-web 2013_moo-dev_179-web 2013_moo-dev_114-web 2013_moo-dev_353-web 2013_moo-dev_371-web

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