Birthday girls : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

Both mommy and baby were birthday girls the day Josephine was born! Mom had the best of both worlds - she shares a birthday with her beautiful daughter, but as Josephine was born in the wee hours of the morning, mom only had to labour for 20 minutes of her special day! Well planned Josephine! Congratulations Tobias and Heather on your sweet little girl. She didn't want to miss a trick, but like I said, I always get them sleeping in the end. :)2013_mol_204-web 2013_mol_193-web 2013_mol_192-web blog_tim5 2013_mol_165-web 2013_mol_182-web 2013_mol_185-web 2013_mol_214-web 2013_mol_216-web 2013_mol_002-BW-web blog_tim2 blog_tim3 2013_mol_023-web 2013_mol_030-web 2013_mol_071-web 2013_mol_087-web blog_tim1 2013_mol_133-web 2013_mol_143-web 2013_mol_119-web 2013_mol_110-web 2013_mol_113-web 2013_mol_257-web blog_tim4 2013_mol_233-web