Blonde locks : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

I'm so happy I got a chance to capture some super summery images of my wonderful friend Laurie and her gorgeous little ones down at the Leslie Street Spit back in June. The images of the blonde locks on these three combined with the colours of summer just make me happy. Alex and Nicholas were superstars once we got past the mosquitoes and made it to the beach and did a bit of running around. And we even got to go out for dinner afterwards! Thanks Laurie... can't wait until next time! xxx2013_str_483-web 2013_str_016-web 2013_str_034-web 2013_str_006-web 2013_str_073-web 2013_str_050-web 2013_str_071-web 2013_str_474-web 2013_str_476-web 2013_str_088-web blog_str1 blog_str2 2013_str_191-web 2013_str_194-web 2013_str_225-web 2013_str_227-web blog_str7 blog_str6 blog_str4 blog_str5

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