Rainy day at the beach : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

It was a rainy day but that didn't stop us!!! I met Ben and his family, including Dog Archie, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and his new puppy, at his house for a few photos before heading down to the Beach with his Mom and Dad. Ben demonstrated his excellent and accomplished scootering skills, as well as his fascination with my rainbow umbrella. On the way home, puddle jumping was the order of the day, and we all got soaked in the rain. Fun! Thanks Karen and Derek - it was great to see you again!2013_tha_308-web 2013_tha_315-web 2013_tha_323-web 2013_tha_278-web 2013_tha_295-web 2013_tha_276-web 2013_tha_281-web 2013_tha_274-web 2013_tha_273-web 2013_tha_264-web 2013_tha_341-web 2013_tha_336-web 2013_tha_401-web 2013_tha_225-web blog_hut4 2013_tha_412-web blog_hut3 2013_tha_420-web blog_hut2 2013_tha_213-web 2013_tha_118-web blog_hut1 2013_tha_114-web 2013_tha_123-web 2013_tha_077-web

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