True colours : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

It turned into a rainy session in the end but I think these are some of my favourite shots from the week in Toronto! Mom just did a fabulous job dressing these gorgeous little boys to suit our wonderful location in downtown Toronto. We snuck in some fun time before the rain fell, catching us out in the trees. But luckily Avry and Leil thought it was all good fun getting wet and playing peekaboo in their green hoodies. Great to see you again Erika and Farhan!2013_tha_063-web blog_tha2 2013_tha_023-web 2013_tha_024-web 2013_tha_040-web 2013_tha_042-web 2013_tha_001-web 2013_tha_114-web 2013_tha_200-web 2013_tha_228-web 2013_tha_239-web 2013_tha_150-web blog_tha1 2013_tha_093-web 2013_tha_085-web 2013_tha_280-web 2013_tha_304-web 2013_tha_327-web 2013_tha_339-web 2013_tha_381-web 2013_tha_387-web 2013_tha_432-web 2013_tha_519-web 2013_tha_488-web 2013_tha_490-web 2013_tha_496-web 2013_tha_501-web

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