Toronto Island : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

What an absolutely great session bright and early on a Sunday morning on Toronto Island. Anna was perfectly adorable and had lots of fun playing on the beach, in the park, in the sand, and everywhere else. And to top it off, I even got to drive the ferry on the way over! (that's another story). And the island itself - I'll definitely be back - look for sessions there in the future! Thanks John and Janet! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!2013_mcc_187-web 2013_mcc_163-web 2013_mcc_175-web 2013_mcc_107-web blog_mcc1 2013_mcc_046-web 2013_mcc_050-web 2013_mcc_136-web 2013_mcc_152-web 2013_mcc_210-web 2013_mcc_237-web 2013_mcc_262-web 2013_mcc_212-web 2013_mcc_284-web 2013_mcc_286-web blog_mcc3 blog_mcc2 2013_mcc_385-web 2013_mcc_434-web 2013_mcc_441-web 2013_mcc_445-web 2013_mcc_574-web 2013_mcc_595-web 2013_mcc_571-web 2013_mcc_567-web blog_mcc4 2013_mcc_679-web

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