A day in the life : toronto & copenhagen family photography

It was supposed to be a rainy Sunday afternoon when I met Phinley, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day out in the garden, so out we went with this little cutie! Phinley warmed up to the camera in no time and was enjoying exploring the grass and the leaves. Then we headed inside to Phinley's room where she just continued with her day, a diaper change, some play, a book and to bed! Lots of fun! Thanks Stacey and Marc for letting me be a part of your day!2013_swe_087-web 2013_swe_096-web 2013_swe_106-web 2013_swe_123-web 2013_swe_130-web blog_swe1 2013_swe_147-web 2013_swe_165-web 2013_swe_182-web 2013_swe_208-web 2013_swe_226-web 2013_swe_232-web blog_swe2 2013_swe_253-web 2013_swe_017-web 2013_swe_037-web 2013_swe_053-web 2013_swe_299-web 2013_swe_433-web 2013_swe_427-web 2013_swe_395-web 2013_swe_376-web 2013_swe_382-web 2013_swe_332-web 2013_swe_314-web 2013_swe_348-web 2013_swe_335-web

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