Liquorice nibs : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

While swings, flowers, sticks and snails were the popular items at the beginning of our session, liquorice nibs were the order of the day by the end, with bowls of them being passed around and two poor nibs even going inside a pair of nostrils (I won't say who those nostrils belonged to...) Crazy times... :) Thanks Kelly and Roman, for having me over to play... looking forward to next time!2013_bod_742-web 2013_bod_753-web 2013_bod_630-web 2013_bod_639-web 2013_bod_688-web 2013_bod_708-web 2013_bod_112-web 2013_bod_109-web 2013_bod_242-web 2013_bod_241-web 2013_bod_251-web 2013_bod_272-web 2013_bod_329-web blog_bod3 blog_bod2 blog_bod1 2013_bod_421-web 2013_bod_440-web 2013_bod_443-web 2013_bod_450-web 2013_bod_478-web 2013_bod_542-web 2013_bod_617-web 2013_bod_718-web 2013_bod_805-web 2013_bod_806-web 2013_bod_808-web