Beauty : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

I was eagerly awaiting the moment I could meet Madalina - I, and her mom!, had been waiting ever since Flavia's wonderful maternity session back in May. Madalina, as you can see, is simply a perfect beauty, surrounded by her loving mom and dad and grandma - who was singing softly to her when I arrived. Enjoy the memories Flavia and Virgil! I look forward to watching Madalina grow!2013_fer2_047-web 2013_fer2_057-web 2013_fer2_031-web 2013_fer2_034-web 2013_fer2_037-web 2013_fer2_061-web 2013_fer2_004-web 2013_fer2_072-web 2013_fer2_085-web 2013_fer2_089-web 2013_fer2_125-web 2013_fer2_104-web 2013_fer2_141-web 2013_fer2_136-web 2013_fer2_194-web 2013_fer2_194-web 2013_fer2_188-web 2013_fer2_182-web 2013_fer2_158-web 2013_fer2_219-web 2013_fer2_242-web 2013_fer2_226-web 2013_fer2_299-web 2013_fer2_304-web 2013_fer2_308-web 2013_fer2_311-web