Last days : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Such a great idea to capture on film those last few days overseas for this American family. By now they are happily settled back over the pond, but no doubt missing Copenhagen life! I loved also capturing the kids' sports and interests too - Emma and her violin, Sidney soccer champion and Luke with his basketball. Glad to have captured these memories for you Jeanne and Adam! Best of luck back in your new - old? - life!2013_bra_148-web 2013_bra_163-web 2013_bra_142-web 2013_bra_082-web 2013_bra_067-web 2013_bra_032-web 2013_bra_050-web 2013_bra_018-web 2013_bra_015-web 2013_bra_203-web 2013_bra_173-web 2013_bra_168-web 2013_bra_175-web 2013_bra_189-web blog_bra2 2013_bra_410-web 2013_bra_294-web blog_bra1 2013_bra_241-web 2013_bra_236-web 2013_bra_244-web 2013_bra_494-web 2013_bra_499-web 2013_bra_511-web 2013_bra_521-web