Whole lotta fun : family photography

It's not very often I have the pleasure of combining a family holiday in an semi-exotic locale with a visit with friends and a photo session! But this was one of those times. It was a great visit to Istanbul back in May and it was great to meet Libby (the littlest) and see how big Lucy and Oscar have become since I saw them last nearly four years ago! A highlight of our visit was definitely shooting pics with the Bosphorous as the background! Great to see you all again Mike and Mel! Next time see you in Copenhagen? xxx2013_wri_353-web 2013_wri_351-web 2013_wri_418-web 2013_wri_409-web 2013_wri_397-web 2013_wri_396-web 2013_wri_704-web blog_wri1 2013_wri_733-web 2013_wri_365-web 2013_wri_368-web 2013_wri_690-web 2013_wri_433-web 2013_wri_491-web 2013_wri_512-web 2013_wri_523-web 2013_wri_625-web 2013_wri_547-web 2013_wri_567-web 2013_wri_283-web 2013_wri_288-web 2013_wri_295-web 2013_wri_182-web 2013_wri_162-web 2013_wri_179-web 2013_wri_139-web 2013_wri_007-web 2013_wri_100-web 2013_wri_098-web

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