Pretty girls in pretty dresses : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

These two sweet little girls know how to work a wardrobe of dresses! Kate and Hailey had great fun running around the garden, waving fairy wands and sniffing flowers, all to the beat of the music from the iPod and the occassional marshmallow snack - :) Great to see all of you again Mike and Meghan! Until next time...2013_jac_065-web 2013_jac_046-web 2013_jac_055-web blog_jac3 2013_jac_092-web 2013_jac_216-web 2013_jac_208-web 2013_jac_210-web blog_jac1 blog_jac2 2013_jac_387-web 2013_jac_344-web 2013_jac_736-web 2013_jac_332-web 2013_jac_303-web blog_jac4 2013_jac_487-web 2013_jac_507-web 2013_jac_535-web 2013_jac_557-web 2013_jac_579-web 2013_jac_677-web 2013_jac_718-web 2013_jac_824-web 2013_jac_827-web 2013_jac_857-web

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