Little : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

Sweet little Alexander was waiting patiently for me to visit, and indeed was my first stop after arriving home from holiday in Turkey a few weeks back. He was a great little guy, curious and looking about and generally being cute. He's twice the age now, so surely Martin and Sarah these will bring back some memories - life moves fast doesn't it!2013_jor_231-BW-web 2013_jor_237-BW-web blog_jor4 2013_jor_322-BW-web 2013_jor_365-BW-web 2013_jor_072-BW-web blog_jor1 2013_jor_296-BW-web blog_jor5 2013_jor_004-BW-web 2013_jor_049-BW-web 2013_jor_051-BW-web 2013_jor_058-BW-web 2013_jor_028-BW-web 2013_jor_040-BW-web 2013_jor_031-BW-web 2013_jor_036-BW-web blog_jor2 2013_jor_215-BW-web blog_jor3