Happy : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Part two in a two-part series of this fabulous family! A bit overdue posting on my part, mind you, but I hope it doesn't diminish from the fun and love and brightness that radiates from these images. Thanks Ruth and Pim for letting me capture these slices of your lives - always a pleasure!2013_motbus_346-web blog_mott7 2013_motbus_398-web 2013_motbus_256-web blog_mott11 2013_motbus_210-web blog_mott8 blog_mott9 2013_motbus_458-web 2013_motbus_469-web 2013_motbus_483-web blog_mott10 2013_motbus_523-web 2013_motbus_499-web 2013_motbus_007-web 2013_motbus_045-web 2013_motbus_073-web