A special afternoon with Grandma : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Part one in a two-part series of these sweet little girls, Sofia and Astrid. I always have a nice time with this great family - they are good friends - and this time I got to meet Grandma Linda too! It was a beautiful late afternoon session where all three generations were in great spirits and a lot of fun was had. In some children's portrait photography circles they say just give a boy a stick to play with, but clearly the stick works for the girls too! More to come soon...2013_motbus_661-web 2013_motbus_670-web 2013_motbus_683-web blog_mott1 2013_motbus_650-web 2013_motbus_616-web 2013_motbus_744-web 2013_motbus_559-web 2013_motbus_567-web 2013_motbus_569-web blog_mott2 blog_mott3 2013_motbus_811-web blog_mott6 2013_motbus_830-web 2013_motbus_831-web 2013_motbus_855-web 2013_motbus_1041-web 2013_motbus_1068-web blog_mott5 blog_mott4

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