Little Linden : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

A most relaxed session awaited me on my first morning in Toronto. About two hours went by before I have snapped a photo (!) as we let Linden settle into a deep deep sleep. Once he was out, he was out, and very adorable to boot! Great to see you again Theresa and Jason - and lovely to see little Audrey thriving in style as a big sister.2013_mac_119-web 2013_mac_116-web blog_mac2 2013_mac_131-web 2013_mac_138-web 2013_mac_165-web 2013_mac_148-web 2013_mac_160-web blog_mac1 2013_mac_183-web 2013_mac_191-web 2013_mac_052-web blog_mac3 2013_mac_301-web 2013_mac_468-web 2013_mac_346-web 2013_mac_322-web 2013_mac_362-web 2013_mac_354-web 2013_mac_032-web 2013_mac_009-web