Windy day : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Another fun session! This time on the windy beach at Charlottenlund. We mugged a bit, kicked around the rugby ball, then got down and retro for a swim (well... we didn't go in!) and a sit on an unsuspecting parked Vespa. We finished up at the hip Jorden Rundt for a well deserved drink. Good fun! Thanks Laragh and Damian - hope you had a lovely anniversary day!2013_obr_350-web 2013_obr_367-web 2013_obr_319-web 2013_obr_337-web 2013_obr_312-web 2013_obr_583-web 2013_obr_559-web 2013_obr_545-web 2013_obr_593-web blog_obr3 2013_obr_376-web

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