Baby Finn : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

Lovely, lovely Finn. He was so sweet and sleepy but didn't want to miss anything going on! Got to see lots of his big blue eyes. Big brother Aiden also didn't want to miss a thing and kept coming to check in on little brother. Two sweet little guys! Delia and Darren, thanks for having me over on a rainy Danish morning!2012_rob_068-web 2012_rob_082-web 2012_rob_116-web 2012_rob_114-web 2012_rob_113-web 2012_rob_079-web 2012_rob_097-web blog_rob1 2012_rob_219-web 2012_rob_027-web blog_rob3 2012_rob_067-web 2012_rob_146-web 2012_rob_155-web blog_rob2 2012_rob_190-web 2012_rob_270-web 2012_rob_179-web 2012_rob_184-web 2012_rob_327-web 2012_rob_352-web