equal parts sunshine and leaves : toronto & copenhagen childrens photography

A gorgeous but chilly Sunday afternoon in the Deer Park north of Copenhagen - we shared the park with not only the 2500-odd deer, but probably an equal number of people - many with cameras of their own! I was lucky enough to get to point my camera at this most lovely family - two gorgeous little girls and an adorable and spirited boy. Combine these with equal parts sunshine and fall leaves and you get pure gorgeous! Thanks for having me spend the afternoon with you Krista and Geir!2012_esp_057-web 2012_esp_064-web 2012_esp_071-web 2012_esp_072-web 2012_esp_199-web 2012_esp_120-web 2012_esp_255-web 2012_esp_395-web 2012_esp_506-web blog_esp2 blog_esp1 2012_esp_482-web 2012_esp_469-web 2012_esp_313-web 2012_esp_319-web 2012_esp_275-web 2012_esp_276-web 2012_esp_326-web 2012_esp_694-web 2012_esp_621-web 2012_esp_649-web 2012_esp_659-web 2012_esp_681-web 2012_esp_773-web 2012_esp_734-web 2012_esp_731-web 2012_esp_858-web 2012_esp_142-web

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