leaf fiiiiiiiiight! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

After wheeling through the Dyrehaven at top speed, stopping a couple of times for a sit down in the grass for a family photo here and there, we really started to have fun - running up and down hills, climbing in trees, watching the deer roaming in the forest, and the best bit - a leaf fight in Bakken! I loved getting to know these three boys, even if just for a little bit - thanks Pippa and Simon!2012_woo_173-web 2012_woo_221-web 2012_woo_097-web 2012_woo_122-web 2012_woo_147-web blog_woo2 blog_woo1 2012_woo_359-web 2012_woo_564-web blog_woo4 2012_woo_620-web 2012_woo_627-web blog_woo3 2012_woo_689-web 2012_woo_725-web 2012_woo_735-web 2012_woo_771-web

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