the camera must be very funny! : toronto & copenhagen childrens photography

Because every time I aimed it at him he just giggled and giggled and giggled! Unbelievably cute! Even though the weather was cold and stormy, Adley had a great time. He is always a pleasure to photograph and I'm looking forward to watching him grow! Until next time Ranjit and Nab! 2012_d-s_114-web blog_ds1 2012_d-s_182-web 2012_d-s_157-web 2012_d-s_025-web 2012_d-s_010-web 2012_d-s_035-web 2012_d-s_062-web 2012_d-s_281-web 2012_d-s_343-web 2012_d-s_408-web blog_ds4 2012_d-s_393-web blog_ds2 blog_ds3