Sandbox : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

Always fun to hang out with Helena, and now she has a little brother too! After a romp in the sandbox, a play in the park and a twirl in the autumn leaves, we headed home and I got to meet Nathaniel, 6 months old. Can't believe how much the little guy looks like his sister did at this age - two little cuties! Thanks Tanya and Vince... 'til next time! 2012_gal_320-2-web blog_gal3blog_gal2 2012_gal_184-web blog_gal4 blog_gal5 blog_gal6 2012_gal_048-web blog_gal1 2012_gal_509-web 2012_gal_478-web 2012_gal_443-web blog_gal8 2012_gal_559-web blog_gal7 2012_gal_714-web 2012_gal_720-web 2012_gal_725-web 2012_gal_799-web 2012_gal_821-web 2012_gal_845-web 2012_gal_925-web