Sally & Lars : toronto & copenhagen wedding photography

The bride was from the UK, the groom from Norway - they met in Canada. The church was British, located in Copenhagen. The weather was typically Danish. The guests were from 10 or so other countries. The father-of-the-bride wore a tartan kilt. The getaway car was German. The honeymoon will be in the United States. It was truly the most international wedding I've ever had the pleasure of attending, and everything was beautiful! Congratulations Lars and Sally and also to your three adorable little men. xxblog_l&sw8 2012_lars&sallywedding_0623-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0704-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0667-web blog_l&sw1 2012_lars&sallywedding_0368-web blog_l&sw9 blog_l&sw5 2012_lars&sallywedding_0119-web blog_l&sw4 2012_lars&sallywedding_0190-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0197-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0199-web blog_l&sw3 blog_l&sw2 2012_lars&sallywedding_0418-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0385-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0482-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0498-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0561-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0518-web blog_l&sw7 blog_l&sw6 2012_lars&sallywedding_0580-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0584-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0615-web blog_l&sw10 2012_lars&sallywedding_0767-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0829-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0822-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0851-web 2012_lars&sallywedding_0868-web