Not gonna be so hard on myself : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Last May, wait, no, TWO Mays ago, I did a photo-a-day project. I featured my 8-month old. It was going to be an annual project for sure. Why not really? Well, two Mays passed by, and no photo-a-day project. As May came and went this year, I decided my photo-a-day project would happen in August. Yes, August would be perfect. It was in the back of my mind, occasionally in the front, but mostly in the back, since then, until this past Wednesday - August 1st. It came to the front at the end of the day when the little guy was in the bath. YIKES! I panicked. Gotta start my photo-a-day project! Grabbed my camera and got these. But it was that panic and a bit of stress that made me think. I work hard - I have the little guy at home 24-7, no daycare, no family around to babysit. I run a business in two continents. I have about 3-4 hours per day 'off' from momming, required slumber and domestic chore (naptime and evening) and that's when I work. I LOVE what I do - photographing and all the stuff that goes with it - poring over images captured and turning them around to excited parents and families, and I'm not stopping - not even for a minute! But there's no time left to relax, read a book, lose myself in a film. So why, I wonder, need I throw another project on top of the pile? (Pardon me while I argue with myself) Because I want to improve, learn, showcase, experiment, and most importantly in my heart, get another (pending) album on the shelf of my lovely little monkey-bean. BUT - not now. Not right now. It's time to take care of me a bit more.

So as much as I really want to stay on top, I'm going to skip this project, until the time is right that is. I'm going to take better care of myself. (And continue getting regular photos of the little guy if not daily). So I feel better already just writing this down. For my dear friends and family who have seen me snapping away at parties and dinners and playgroups, know that I haven't forgotten you and one day some time soon, I'll share the photos as promised. In the meantime, thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Heather xoxo 2012_cph_03445-web 2012_cph_03449-web 2012_cph_03451-web 2012_cph_03511-web 2012_cph_03524-web 2012_cph_03525-web