Fun : toronto & copenhagen family photography

What can I say but we had SO MUCH FUN taking pictures this day! Maybe it wasn't so exciting for the kids when we started out by the lake, but back home in the backyard there was bouncing on the trampoline, swinging from trees, climbing on the playset, swimming, and building the biggest most scrumptious ice cream sundaes EVER! There was a lot of excitement in being allowed to pile on as much ice cream and topping they could possibly fit in a waffle bowl. Finishing those sundaes was another story though - let's just say eyes bigger than tummies! Great fun anyway. Jennifer and Andrew - great to see you and the kids again!2012_walton_0324-web 2012_walton_0326-web 2012_walton_0363-web 2012_walton_0287-web blog_wal1 blog_wal6 2012_walton_0479-web blog_wal4 blog_wal5 2012_walton_0497-web blog_wal7 2012_walton_0124-web blog_wal2 2012_walton_0161-web 2012_walton_0628-web blog_wal3 2012_walton_0691-web 2012_walton_0696-web 2012_walton_0772-web

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