Sprinkler : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Remember those great big cheeks? They're Campbell's and I got to see them again in June! Our last visit was rainy rainy but this time it was the perfect sunny day to go to High Park and play! We had fun in the park before heading home to blow bubbles and jump around in the sprinkler. It was great to see you all again Tim and Laurena - have a fabulous summer with that little guy!2012_tsmith_109-web 2012_tsmith_128-web 2012_tsmith_194-web 2012_tsmith_238-web 2012_tsmith_286-web 2012_tsmith_300-web 2012_tsmith_360-web 2012_tsmith_497-web 2012_tsmith_500-web 2012_tsmith_541-web 2012_tsmith_574-web 2012_tsmith_583-web

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