Brothers : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Avry's back - this time with a new little brother! Last time I saw Avry and his parents, mom was expecting, and now little Leil is on the scene too. Two very cute little brothers! We were a bit worried about rain this day, but we outsmarted the weather, with a bit of time inside then a trip to the park. After some family time, Leil settled in for his nap while Avry enjoyed the see saw with Dad, the swings with Mom and some sliding too. Great fun as usual with this gang - thanks Erika and Farhan!2012_thawar_154-web 2012_thawar_156-web 2012_thawar_030-web 2012_thawar_042-web 2012_thawar_102-web 2012_thawar_109-web 2012_thawar_255-web 2012_thawar_309-web blog_rt1 2012_thawar_398-web 2012_thawar_543-web 2012_thawar_595-web 2012_thawar_548-web

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