Sisters at play : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

I was lucky to get to photograph one of my favourite little kidlets, Annabelle, and her 9 week new little sister Sophia! Not once, but twice! (including a return trip for the family photo not achieved on the first time due to toddler model fatigue... :O)). Really, though, it was just playtime for Annabelle - jumping on the bed, dancing around her room, riding her bicycle and goofing around with mum, dad and baby sister. Sophia was a dream too, with abundant smiles and those huge, inquisitive blue eyes... Thanks Becky and Simon - and see you again soon! xxx2012_stokes_093-web 2012_stokes_090-web 2012_stokes_064-web 2012_stokes_458-web 2012_stokes_461-web 2012_stokes_102-web 2012_stokes_100-web 2012_stokes_110-web blog_sto1 2012_stokes_218-web blog_sto2 blog_sto3 blog_sto4 blog_sto6 2012_stokes_346-web 2012_stokes_351-web 2012_stokes_371-web 2012_stokes_378-web 2012_stokes_383-web 2012_stokes_411-web blog_sto7 2012_stokes_393-web 2012_stokes_495-web 2012_stokes_501-web blog_sto8 2012_stokes_321-web