Being on a bicycle : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Welcome to Copenhagen little Aya. I loved meeting you last week, all of your smiles, cries and gurgles. And thank you to your loving and lovely mummy and daddy, Tracey and Chris, who allowed me to introduce you to Copenhagen's most honourable (in my humble opinion) activity and pastime - being on a bicycle. It suited you. Can't wait to see you again.2012_bennett_420-web blog_ben6 blog_ben3 2012_bennett_006-web blog_ben1 2012_bennett_171-web blog_ben2 2012_bennett_098-web 2012_bennett_056-web 2012_bennett_066-web 2012_bennett_044-web 2012_bennett_050-web 2012_bennett_214-web 2012_bennett_228-web blog_ben5 2012_bennett_281-web blog_ben4 2012_bennett_306-web 2012_bennett_330-web blog_ben7 2012_bennett_345-web 2012_bennett_405-web