Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Double the fun with twins Ferdinand and Alexander in our local swimming pool early on a lovely Saturday morning! Now these little guys know how to have fun in the water. With arm and body floats, they threw themselves in, quite literally, over and over again! They loved the slide and jumping in and the ladders and showing off their floating skills. Great fun - and we even had the pool to ourselves! Thanks Sonja and Karsten for inviting me to join the pool party!blog_weiss1 2012_weiss_143_BW-web 2012_weiss_091_BW-web 2012_weiss_224-web 2012_weiss_210-web 2012_weiss_118-web blog_weiss4 2012_weiss_187-web 2012_weiss_134_BW-web 2012_weiss_060_BW-web 2012_weiss_160_BW-web 2012_weiss_153_BW-web 2012_weiss_211-web 2012_weiss_193-web blog_weiss2 2012_weiss_219-web 2012_weiss_106_BW-web 2012_weiss_203_BW-web 2012_weiss_303-web 2012_weiss_309-web 2012_weiss_313-web 2012_weiss_292-web 2012_weiss_289-web 2012_weiss_294-web 2012_weiss_321-web 2012_weiss_345_BW-web blog_weiss5

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