Curls and gumboots : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Two of my favourite things to photograph! Adorable blonde curls and a yummy little pair of wellies!This was my second lucky chance to officially photograph Sofia and it was another super sunny Copenhagen morning. We got to romp in the backyard this time and enjoy the warm weather. What a cutie! Thanks Pim and Ruth! Already looking forward to next time and the new addition! xxx 2012_mottram_012-web 2012_mottram_020-web 2012_mottram_033-web 2012_mottram_043-web blog_mott3 blog_mott1 blog_mott2 2012_mottram_106-web 2012_mottram_126-web 2012_mottram_163-web 2012_mottram_174-web 2012_mottram_176-web 2012_mottram_187-web 2012_mottram_196-web 2012_mottram_204-web 2012_mottram_215-web 2012_mottram_243-web blog_mott4 2012_mottram_299-web 2012_mottram_266-web 2012_mottram_328-web 2012_mottram_363-web 2012_mottram_319-web 2012_mottram_322-web 2012_mottram_378-web